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tequila sol de mexico

Thank you for the opportunity for Sol de Mexico Tequila to be a part of the Phoenix Tequila Fest. Your company was great to work with. Your organizational skills are exceptional and you were extremely accommodating. Your expertise in working with the media was evident throughout the event generating great exposure and attracting an excellent crowd. Please keep Sol de Mexico Tequila in the loop for next year’s Phoenix Tequila Fest.

Susan Hamel
Vice President/COO
Sol de Mexico Tequila


The Phoenix Tequila Fest was a great experience for us. We were able to interact with thousands of our customers providing us with an excellent opportunity to showcase Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen and to celebrate our important association with great tequila. Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen looks forward to participating in the Phoenix Tequila Fest in the years to come.

Reed Johnson
Director of Operations
Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen

El Caudillo Tequila had an amazing experience at the Phoenix Tequila Fest. We reached new clients (i.e. major hotels, restaurants, and bars) as well as new consumers who tried our delicious tequila, rated by many as their favorite at the event. We also introduced our new certified USDA Kosher Tequila {Quinta de Gomez} and our organic agave powder. It was a hit for those consumers looking for great organic products. We rate the Phoenix Tequila Fest a 10 and we look forward to participating in this exceptional event next year.

Enrique Ramos
El Caudillo Tequila / Creo Commercium

Tequila Corazon Azul

We at Corazon Azul Spirits LLC are very grateful for the opportunity to present our products in such a productive and successful event; The Phoenix Tequila Fest. Thank you again to all involved in this fine organization for this opportunity and we will see you again next year.

Rodolfo Gonzalez
Corazón Azul Spirits LLC

The Phoenix Tequila Fest was a branding opportunity that fostered valuable new business development relationships. This event also expanded regional visibility, our reach beyond 600+ Arizona locations, as well as the national distribution out of Chicago that delivers CRUZ Tequila's award winning, ultra premium spirit coast to coast.

Todd M Ellinwood
Arizona Market Manager
Cruz Tequila

The Phoenix Tequila Fest provided an exceptional opportunity to educate Tequila aficionados through a memorable experience with authentic food, lively music and the warmth of the Mexican culture. The Phoenix Tequila Fest brought together some of the finest Tequilas in an outstanding venue and the event was produced in a very professional manner.

Alex Barragan
Tequila Don Ramon
Arizona Operations Manager

The Phoenix Tequila Fest was a tremendous success providing us with the opportunity to introduce our premium expressions of our blanco, reposado, añejo and 100% organic tequilas. In addition we unveiled our new product line of 100% pure agave nectar and Margarita Sensations which is the finest margarita mix in the market. Congratulations to the Phoenix Tequila Fest, we will be back this year!

Santiago Gonzalez
3 Amigos Tequila

The Phoenix Tequila Fest was a great hit for Señor Rio Tequila. The attendance of this event surpassed our expectations. Since our Arizona debut in May 2009 we have built a following and the exposure we received along with numerous compliments adds to our success. Being one of the favorites and referred to as a boutique tequila was wonderful recognition with an audience that appreciates a fine sipping tequila. We would definitely recommend the upcoming Phoenix Tequila Fest and look forward to being a part of it again.

Debbie Medina and Jonathan Gach
Señor Rio Tequila

The Phoenix Tequila Fest was a great success! America's Taco Shop feels very proud and honored to have been a part of such a wonderful event. The Phoenix Tequila Fest gave us great exposure and presented us with the opportunity to showcase our restaurant and products to both existing and new customers. America's Taco Shop looks forward to participating in the Phoenix Tequila Fest for many years to come.

Terry and America Bortin
America's Taco Shop

Last year's Phoenix Tequila Fest helped us to introduce our brand in Arizona. The Tequila Fest coincided with the announcement of our new Arizona distributor and the event served as a launching point for us to help spread the word to the hundreds of people that we spoke to at our booth - which translated into sales. I would definitely recommend the Phoenix Tequila Fest to anyone looking to expand their brand in Arizona!

Angel Penilla
Mejor Tequila Company, LLC

We are pleased to have participated in the Phoenix Tequila Fest. It was a great opportunity to introduce our ultra premium reposado, Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine. Fans of tequila and Roger Clyne came from a number of states and Canada in addition to Arizona and appreciated the opportunity to immerse themselves in great food and music. You did a great job organizing, publicizing and managing the event and we look forward to working with you again.

Roger Clyne
Mexican Moonshine

The Phoenix Tequila Fest was a fantastic event which provided amazing marketing opportunities for four of our outstanding supplier partners. It was a pleasure to participate in such a professional event and we look forward to getting more supplier partners involved in upcoming events.

Robert Camacho
Marketing Manager
Republic-National Distributing

Thank you for inviting Mar Azul Tequila to the Phoenix Tequila Fest. This was the first time that we attended, and it will not be the last. We were very impressed with the event management and organization. The turn-out was excellent, and the discriminating palates of the attendees were most impressive. We will see you at the next Phoenix Tequila Fest!

Susana P Sutton
Pyatt Enterprises, LLC

The Phoenix Tequila Fest provided Don Eduardo with a forum to expand its business in the greater Phoenix area and gain maximum exposure via media outlets, amongst retailers, customers and service industry professionals. Cheers,

Dan Hagendorn
Western Regional Manager
Incubrands Spirits Group, LLC

Mañana Tequila was thrilled to participate in the Phoenix Tequila Fest. The organizers succeeded in showcasing so many different Tequilas, while still making each brand appear and feel exclusive! We will definitely be repeats at this Fest! If you have the opportunity to make it to the Phoenix Tequila Fest, do it… you will not be disappointed! Hope to see you there! Drink it today, Love it Mañana! Salud!”

Shon Smith
Tres Reyes Distibution, LLC

It was our pleasure to participate in the Phoenix Tequila Fest. The event provided an interactive and festive opportunity for us to connect with new customers and showcase our most popular offerings. The atmosphere was lively and everyone, including our staff, really enjoyed themselves. The Tequila Fest organizers were professional, friendly, and diligent. We look forward to being a part of the celebration again this year!

Heather Dettmann
Director of Marketing
JNL Management
Dos Gringos Bars & Restaurants